Study Guide 4 


 To pass this unit you will need to be able to:

4.1 Demonstrate the movements of the 6 Form




 Tai Chi 6 Form



The Form we will be looking at is Dr Paul Lam's 6 Form for health.

The 6 Form was designed for beginners to gain maximum health benefits in minimal time. It was composed by Dr. Paul Lam and based on one of the world's most popular forms, the Yang style 24 Simplified Form.

Dr Lam is a practicing family physician in Sydney, Australia and is committed to promoting Tai Chi for Health across the world.

The moves within this Form are adaptable to individual needs: this emphasises the importance of making Tai Chi available to a wide audience and spreading the health benefits of Tai Chi.

Emphasis of the martial implications to the postures is reduced and structure, softness, breathing and relaxation are main points of focus.

The 6 Forms is a great introductory set of Tai Chi that can be performed by most people. It consists of fluid, gentle relaxed movements that are slow in tempo.

For this unit you will need to learn and perform the 6 Form

When you are first learning the movements, you may find the audio descriptions below helpful.
Click on the links to allow you to listen to the descriptions.  If you find the descriptions useful, you may want to put them onto an audio CD, so that you can practise at your leisure.

Commencing the Form & Brush Knee Step
 Movements 1-2


Play the Lute/Guitar, Repulse Monkey, Stroke Birds Tail, Close the Form Movements 3-6

Below you can watch a clip of the 6 Form.